• A squishy yet powerful spellcaster with a well developed ability to learn/cast spells.
  • Description: "The wise magician. Though frail, they are extremely well versed in magic."
  • Gear: Amulet of Magic Reflection, Mage Staff of Light, Wizard Hat, Leather Boots, Cloak of Protection, Potion of Restore Magic, Book of Fireball, Book of Cold, Book of Light, Quarterstaff.
  • Strategy: Keep your distance from most enemies, avoiding melee is a priority with wizards as they can easily succumb to any enemy early on. Use the Staff of Light rather than torches or lanterns to free up your off hand. Fireball will handle most enemies within a hit or two, and Cold will slow down the target, leaving them open for a well timed charged attack!
  • Difficulty: Hard.

Starting Stats Male Edit

Strength 1 (1)
Dexterity -1 (-1)
Constitution 0 (0)
Intelligence 2 (1)
Perception 1 (1)
Charisma -1 (-1)

Starting Stats Female Edit

Strength 0 (0)
Dexterity 0 (0)
Constitution 0 (0)
Intelligence 2 (1)
Perception 1 (1)
Charisma -1 (-1)

Starting SkillsEdit

Locks None Magic Skilled
Stealth None Ranged None
Trading None Sword None
Appraise None Mace None
Swimming None Axe None
Leader None Polearm Basic
Casting Skilled Shield None

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