Winny the Gnome Battle Report

Winny reporting in. Today we hauled in 5 sword, 10 coats, 1 ham, and 1/2 dirt cake. A very good day for this gnome colony. We tricked the tallsies out of their camp by having Zergo do one of his famous "Zergo rushes". Basically, a bunch of gnomes run out and attack the tallsies, acting defenseless, only for a group to come in from behind, steal the loot, and then another come in from the side and defeat the tallsies. It's been working well, except all the casualties. The Goblins are making serious advancements in their colony, and we fear they may target our group next. They are led by some sort of hybrid of a tallsie and a Goblin. Quite the sight if I say so myself. Will report back later.

Winny OUT.