• Professional explorers, not great fighters but well prepared.
  • Description: "Hardened traveler. Low in armor and combat ability, but well equipped for the dungeon."
  • Gear Worn lantern, tin opener, 2 slightly aged tins, leather gloves, quarterstaff, towel, 2 slightly aged breads, leather boots, phrygian hat, 2 torches, fresh fish, crossbow, cloak.
  • Strategy Hiding in shadows and lowering life with the crossbow is the way to go, then sneaking in for a good kill from your staff to finish them off. Picking off small enemies such as rats first is a good idea. The Wanderer plays out a lot like a thief, adapting a thief strategy is a good place to start.
  • Difficulty: Normal.

Starting Stats Male Edit

Strength 1 (1)
Dexterity 0 (0)
Constitution 1 (1)
Intelligence -1 (-1)
Perception 0 (0)
Charisma -1 (-1)

Starting Stats Female Edit

Strength 0 (0)
Dexterity 1 (1)
Constitution 1 (1)
Intelligence -1 (-1)
Perception 0 (0)
Charisma -1 (-1)

Starting SkillsEdit

Locks None Magic None
Stealth Basic Ranged Basic
Trading Basic Sword None
Appraise None Mace None
Swimming Skilled Axe None
Leader None Polearm Basic
Casting None Shield None