Surviving the mines     Shopkeeper Joe

Well howdy there! Name's shopkeeper Joe! If you've found this, yur either invadin my shop, or I'm dead. If yur an intruder, git out before I suggest you git goin before I git to ya. If not, Imma teach you to do what I couldn't: Survive! So, you gots to know yur enemies! Lets start with the weakest, and head up on to the meanest!

Rats: Rats ain't too much of a threat. Matter a' fact, unless they're hungry er sumn, they wont hurt ya at all! So, if they start eatin' at ya, just a hit or 2 from yer weapon'll put em in their place. Otherwise, let em be I say, or yur just wastin yur strength.

Spiders: Avoid these nasty little critters like the plague! They'll run at ya fast-like, and are always angry, and will attack when they see ya! My tactic is to hit them til they die, and it usually works. So try that! But make sure ya do kill em, because they can outlast most other critters in the mines.

Slimes: Much like the rat, you should just leave this thangs alone. They're stupid, and will just attack ya cuz yur in their way. They don't hurt much, but take an eternity to kill. And unless you kill them, they just go wanderin' about forever because they don't need food or nothin' like that. So if you can avoid them, do.

Goblins: These guys are scary things. I think they were people, miners put to deep down into the mines and just...devolved. Kinda like the gnomes. They look like people, but are smaller and greenish. They's huntin' in packs usually, and will attack humans no matter what. But they drop some nice loot, which is always good. So, just remember to heal up and use a good weapon while fighting these guys, because they can prove to be a challenge.

Gnomes: These are like goblins, but more human. They don't attack you unless they smell your gold and want it. They also goes in groups. They don't really have much armour, but use more magic than anything. So keep that in kind, you might want a bow or fireballs o somn' to take care of these little pests.