Below is a list of spells in the game. A spell is learned through reading a spellbook of the same type.

Image Name Description Cost
Forcebolt New
Force Bolt A basic offensive spell, and a default Arcanist spell, requires 0 MP at master level casting 5 MP
Magicmissile New
Magic Missile An advanced offensive spell, blasts enemies with explosive magic, wide radius 7 MP
Cold New
Cold An offensive spell that also slows enemies, and a default Wizard spell 6 MP
Fireball New
Fireball An offensive spell that also ignites enemies, and a default Wizard spell 7 MP
Lightning New
Lightning An advanced offensive spell, fires a ball of lightning, high damage 6 MP
Removecurse New
Remove Curse An advanced useful spell that removes curses from items 20 MP
Light New
Light A basic useful spell that creates a ball of light which follows the player. continually draining mana, both Wizard and Arcanist have this spellbook by default 1 MP
Identify New
Identify An advanced useful spell that appraises one item from your inventory 10 MP
Magicmapping New
Magic Mapping An advanced useful spell that reveals the unexplored portions of the current level on the mini map 40 MP
Sleep New
Sleep An afflicting spell that sends the target into a deep slumber 4 MP
Confuse New
Confuse An afflicting spell that confuses the target, inverses the controls for players 16 MP
Slow New
Slow An afflicting spell that slows down the target, but does no damage 4 MP
Opening New
Opening A useful spell that unlocks a locked door, chest, or portcullis 6 MP
Locking New
Locking A useful spell that locks a door, or chest, does not close portcullises 11 MP
Levitation New
Levitation An expert stealth spell that allows the caster to float off the ground and over pits, continually draining mana, disspelling over a pit causes instant death 1 MP
Invisible New
Invisible An expert stealth spell that renders the caster invisible, continually draining mana 2 MP
Teleport New
Teleport An expert stealth spell that warps the caster to a random location on the map 20 MP
Healing New
Healing A status spell that restores a small amount of health to the caster, and allies 10 MP
Extrahealing New
Extra Healing An advanced status spell that restores a large amount of health to the caster, and far away allies 40 MP
Cureailment New
Cure Ailment A status spell that removes any kind of status ailment, such as poison, burning, bleeding, drunk, etc, also affects nearby allies 10 MP
Dig New
Dig A useful spell to break through walls, similar to a Pickaxe 21 MP
Dominate A legendary afflicting spell that converts an enemy to a friendly follower depending on the targets HP, also drains HP in exchange of missing MP points, awarded automatically upon reaching legendary magic ability 21 + ?? MP
Bloodletting An expert offensive spell, does massive damage and inflicts bleed 11 MP
Spray Acid A legendary offensive spell, sprays a wave of acid forward and to the sides, acid can destroy various items in an inventory, wide range 21 MP
Reflect magic
Magic Reflect A legendary defensive spell that emits a cloak around the caster to reflect spells, much like a cloak or amulet of magic reflect, continually draining mana 10 MP
Stoneblood A legendary offensive spell, fires out magic that turns blood into stone, paralyzing all those affected by it, fires forward and to the sides, very wide range but shorter distence 21 MP
Magicmapping New
Steal Weapon A legendary defensive spell to disarm your enemy, by stealing it and placing it into your inventory, slow casting time 81 MP

Unobtainable SpellsEdit

These spells aren't obtainable in the game through regular play, they must be spawned in using cheat commands.

Image Name Description Cost
Slow New
Drain Soul An expert offensive spell that drains both mana and health from the target. 18 MP
Slow New
Vampiric Aura An useful spell that turns all attacks into HP draining attacks, and boost HP & MP regain, slow casting time. 30 MP