Sakoban is a mysterious hidden bonus area found in one of the bonus portals in the Sand Levels. The area it'self is practically harmless, consisting of only some dormant boulders sitting in a big room, 4 big pits, and the portal back to the main levels.

The goal of this bonus level is to push all the boulders into the 4 pits at the 4 corners of the room, or destroy all the boulders. The reward for this is a TON of gold coins.

  • When you enter a floor that has a Sokoban portal, you will get the message "you hear the sound of rolling boulders"
  • The name "Sakoban" is most likely taken from the Japanese game "Sokoban", a game in which you must push objects into the correct place without getting them stuck in corners. Much like Sakoban, Sokoban has a few corners you can get the boulders trapped in.
  • Either a ring or gauntlets of strength can help you push the boulders.
  • A pic-ax or spell/staff of digging will work on the boulders if you want to destroy them.
  • A ring or boots of levitation would be useful in this level, hovering over the pits could give you a new vantage point.
Sokoban (1)

Sokoban Game

Sokoban (2)

Pushing a boulder into a hole

Sokoban (3)

Sokoban's Reward

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