Rings are a type of accessory the player can wear to enhance different stats or give particular effects depending on what ring is worn. Only one ring can be worn at one time, and the more blessings a ring has (Ie: +3, +4, etc) the higher the bonuses to stats, however this does not apply to rings that give an effect (Ie: a +5 Ring of Invisibility is just as good as a +1 Ring of Invisibility)

Below is a complete list of rings to be found.

Ring of Description
Adornment Increases charisma +1
Slow Digestion Slows the time it takes for your character to get hungry, and starve
Protection Increases AC +1
Warning Shows locations of all creatures on the mini-map
Strength Increases strength +1
Constitution Increases constitution +1
Invisibility Your character becomes completely invisible to enemies, as well as other players. Any equipped items cannot be seen with the exception of flames from torches or lanterns.
Magic Resistance Presumably reduces damage from attack spells or saves from status spells (ie. Sleep, Slow, Confuse)
Conflict Causes monsters to attack one another, but they will still attack you. Also causes potential allies to become hostile when worn.
Levitation Allows the user to levitate so long as the ring is worn. Jokers start with one. Caution: If you gain levitation through another means (potion/fountain) while using this ring above a pit, when the effect of the potion ends you will die instantly
Regeneration Your health will increase over time at a faster rate
Teleportation Will teleport you to a random part of the level in random intervals

Sprites of Rings:


Note: Unequipping the levitation ring over a pit will cause instant dead.