Rings are a type of accessory the player can wear to enhance different stats or give particular effects depending on what ring is worn, only one ring can be worn at a time as well. For those who don't know, the abbreviation "AC" means "armor count", which basically means the amount your defense is boosted by.

Blessed rings will boost the effects, the more blessings a ring has the higher the bonus to the stat, for example: a "Ring of Adornment blessed +2" will boost your chr +3. All blessed rings also raise your AC by one for each level of blessing.

Rings also grant +1 damage in unarmed combat, and all rings weigh 3.

Ring of Description Gold
Adornment Increases charisma, +1. 68
Slow Digestion Slows the time it takes for your character to get hungry, and starve. 136
Protection Increases AC +1. 85
Warning Shows locations of all creatures on the mini-map. 68
Strength Increases strength, +1. 85
Constitution Increases constitution, +1. 85
Invisibility Grants the wearer invisibility. 171
Magic Resistance Extra magical defense. 102
Conflict Causes all entities to attack the nearest entity. This will turn shopkeeps and allies against you. 136
Levitation Grants the wearer levitation, if removed over a pit, you will fall and die instantly. 171
Regeneration Boosted HP regain. 205
Teleportation Randomly teleports the wearer to a random location, highly unpredictable. 85

Sprites of Rings: