Volume I    

    Giantism is a unique phenomenon which has only recently come under observation from the Guild of Knowledge in the Hall of Wizardry. Before Guildmaster Gregory initiated research on the subject 25 years ago, Giantism was little more than a legend passed among the residents of Hamlet. The most common stories were of rats ten times their natural size, but slightly less commonly, stories of lumbering hominids twice the size of a man were told as well. No one payed much mind to these stories until one of the aforementioned hominids was caught and killed by a local hunter; news of the beast spread like wildfire and the guild was finally forced to concede to the fact that these giants did in fact exist.    

    While the exact cause of the creatures' gigantic scale is still very much unclear to the guild, one thing is for certain: it has something to do with the creatures' homes, which as far as the guild can tell are actually the abandoned caves surrounding Hamlet itself. Concerned about the possibility that Giantism is the result of a malicious Hex that has been cast over the region, certain guild members have been stationed in Hamlet over the years as a security measure to prevent any potential disturbance of sorcery and magic, though so far they've come up with nothing.    

    [The effects of Giantism are discussed in Volume II]