The Mystic Library is a secret bonus area found in the Ruins. The secret portal is hidden in a small fortress like area surrounded by lava and locked off by gates. To open the gates you have to levitate over a small chasm to flip 1 of 2 levers.

The walls of the library are primarily bookshelves, there are a few different rooms filled with treasure chests packed full of scrolls, spell books, and staffs ready for use. This is a good area to stock up on scrolls of food, since food is so scarce in the Ruins. You will also find many wizard like NPCs wandering in the library.

  • When you enter a floor with a portal to the Mystic Library, you will hear "the sounds of mysterious droning"
  • Merlin can often be found in the library.
  • There are two hidden chests in the library, one behind the wall at the furthest end of the big room with the pits, and one over on the other side of one of the two pits.

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