• A dungeon delver specialized in the arts of appraisal and trade.
  • Description: "A seasoned trader. They are skilled in the market and adept at identifying foreign artifacts."
  • Gear: The merchant has nothing but a bag of hoes at his disposal and a few hardworking niggers to fight for him, carry him and pick his field.
  • Strategy: ​​The merchant is good in trade and as such he buys items from shops at half price. This makes it rather simple to be able to buy whatever you need from stores and still have plenty of gold left over to spend elsewhere. The merchant's appraisal skill also starts off the highest, making it the easiest character type to get items early game. The pickaxe gives immediate access to a stack of rocks to throw at enemies for early survival.
  • Difficulty: Hard.

Starting Stats Male Edit

Strength 1 (1)
Dexterity -1 (-1)
Constitution 0 (0)
Intelligence -1 (-1)
Perception 2 (1)
Charisma 1 (1)

Starting Stats Female Edit

Strength 0 (0)
Dexterity 0 (0)
Constitution 0 (0)
Intelligence -1 (-1)
Perception 2 (1)
Charisma 1 (1)

Merchant Starting SkillsEdit

Locks None Magic None
Stealth None Ranged None
Trading Skilled Sword None
Appraise Skilled Mace None
Swimming None Axe Basic
Leader Basic Polearm None
Casting None Shield None

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