The Magic Mace, other wise known as "Sharur! The Magic Talking Mace!" is a rare weapon in the game. Sharur does +8 damage, and is blessed if taken off an NPC. Sharur also will speak to you when equipped. Almost spamming your game log at the bottom of the screen, he gives you tips and clues to other hidden items and areas, or just friendly advice for surviving the mines.

"Hi I'm Sharur! The magic talking mace!" ~Sharur

"Did you know? There's a creepy secret in the mine town. It's true!" ~Sharur

"Did you know? Khryselakatos shoots poison arrows. It's true!" ~Sharur

"Did you know? Gungnir is hidden in the minotaur maze. It's true!" ~Sharur

"Did you know? That Mimiga wasn't Sue. It's true!" ~Sharur

"Did you know? Rainbow Dash is best pony. It's true!" ~Sharur

"Did you know? Jet fuel can't melt steel beams. It's true!" ~Sharur

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