The Jungle Temple is one of the bonus portal levels found in the swamps. You have a chance of either the Temple or the Haunted Castle the layout of the temple is riddled with traps. You start in a room across from the exit portal, going left will lead you through a sort of moat/giant pit. The pits on either sides of the draw bridge like platform are lined with locked gates with water behind them. The main hall has several trolls locked in cages, which will open up if you progress into the temple more, to the right of the troll dungeon is another dungeon filled with goblins. To the left is a room filled with nothing but boulders, the rest of the temple has a lot of poison dart traps.

In the far middle end of the temple there is a room, guarded by gates on both sides with a sandy floor. This room contains one of the mystical orbs used in the fight against Baron Herx, the glowing green orb floats above a podium.

  • When you enter a level with a portal to the temple you will hear "the sounds of ancient chanting"
  • Floating or digging behind behind the gates guarding the water in the draw bridge area is worth the trouble. There is a considerable amount of gold behind there.
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Main draw bridge area

  • Shooting the trolls with a bow before progressing is generally a good idea, when you hit further in the temple they will all open at once releasing the trolls. The same goes for the goblins.
  • To disarm the boulder room, simply toss an item in front of the first boulder trap on the left (if you enter the room from the temple landing). That boulder will set off the rest of the boulder traps. Watch where you're standing when doing this!