Joker Starting Attributes
Strength 0
Dexterity 0
Constitution -1
Intelligence 0
Perception 0
Charisma 1
Joker Starting Skills
Locks Basic Magic Basic
Stealth None Ranged None
Trading Basic Sword None
Appraise None Mace None
Swimming None Axe None
Leader Skilled Polearm None
Casting Basic Shield None

Joker Starting Items

A servicable jester hat +0 10 weight 29 gold value +1 charisma (starts equiped)
A servicable blindfold +0 5 weight 4 gold value Blinds the player when worn
A flawed ring of levitation +0 3 weight 252 gold value Grants levitation when worn
An excellent lockpick +0 weight gold value
A faded spellbook of confuse +0 20 weight 132 gold value Teaches the Confuse spell
2 slightly aged fish +0 30 weight 14 gold value
3 brand new scrolls of teleportation 15 weight 38 gold value Teleports the player to a random, nearby location
a brand new scroll of ZELGO MER 5 weight 24 gold value While unidentified, will always be an uncursed scroll of food (summons five fresh food items)
5 rough rock 100 weight 0 gold value While unidentified, will always be uncursed
a flawless rock -20 weight 1 gold value While unidentified, will always be an uncursed luckstone
200 gold

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