Hell is a secret path in Barony that leads to a secret final boss fight, the evil Baphomet !

The Hell levels only last for about 5 floors, like most of the levels. The only way to access Hell is to enter the Underworld, then descend down one floor via the ladder inside of the underworld, then the portal by your spawn point will lead to hell and not more ruins. Hell is a total magical warfare, the only known enemies in Hell are demons, imps, and succubus. There is lava everywhere, and various pits and chasms. The Minotaur will still come in hell (almost every floor!)

  • A cloak or necklace of magic reflection is strongly suggested, or any kind of magic defense for that matter.
  • Boot or ring of levitation are suggested as well, being able to float over lava or a emoty pit can really turn the tides of battle.
  • Other humans might be found wandering hell, but not for very long.
  • Boulders are scarce here due to the sky being open and no enclosed caverns.
  • Poison dart and spike traps are common in hell.
  • Stock up on food before heading to hell, there aren't many edible creatures.
    2015-11-22 00002

    A screenshot of HELL