• Description: "A talented physician. Thought they are poor fighters, they come stocked with medical supplies and other healing abilities."
  • Gear: Serviceable Quarterstaff, Serviceable Phrygian Hat, Serviceable Healer Doublet, Serviceable Cloak, Fresh Fish, 3 Bubbly Purple Potions of Extra Healing, Brand New Spellbooks of Cure Ailment and Healing, 3 Serviceable Towels, 2 Slightly Aged Apples, Serviceable Magicstaff of Slow.
  • Difficulty: Normal.

Starting StatsEdit

Stat Male Female
Strength 0 -1
Dexterity -1 0
Constitution 2 2
Intelligence 1 1
Perception 0 0
Charisma 0 0

Starting SkillsEdit

Skill Level
Sword None
Axe None
Mace None
Polearm Basic
Ranged None
Shield None
Swimming Basic
Skill Level
Appraise None
Magic Basic
Casting Skilled
Leader None
Trading None
Stealth None
Locks None