The Haunted Castle is a bonus level found in the Swamps. This is easily escaped, a straight forward path leads to a portal to the next level. But if you're bold enough to enter the castle in the center, then you will have to fight an army of the undead. However, the ghouls here are the stronger enslaved ghouls.

The gates to the castle open on their own creepily, upon entering the back room to the right you will see a small podium holding the artifact Oracle's Treads. After taking the artifact, 32 grave stones will pop up outside. Walking in front of any of them will awaken every ghoul on that side of the area, and the ghouls will run for the door nearby and attempt to awaken the next batch. Notably there are 3 treasure chests inside the castle which might contain some goodies, and some gold inside the wall behind the fireplace.

  • When you enter a floor with a portal to the Haunted Castle you will hear "the sounds of howling wind"
  • You can avoid the ghouls by simply heading straight to the exit portal.
  • Boots, a ring, or the spell of levitation give you an edge in this fight.
  • If Coral Grimes spawns, he may bring an extra slew of ghouls with him.
  • The ghouls seem to know where you are and attempt to rush you, hiding in one of the towers may get them stuck in the doorway.