There are many precious and not so precious gems in the game. While gems are the slowest and hardest things to identify in the game, they are hands down the most valuable. Gems can also be equipped as ranged weapons and can be thrown rapidly as a stack. The following is a list of gems available at the time of this edit:

Name Weight Base Value Color
rock 20 0 Rock
luckstone -20 100 Rock
garnet 2 700 Red
ruby 2 3500 Red
jacinth 2 3250 Orange
amber 2 1000 Orange
citrine 2 1500 Yellow
jade 2 300 Green
emerald 2 2500 Green
sapphire 2 3000 Blue
aquamarine 2 1500 Blue
amethyst 2 600 Purple
fluorite 2 400 Purple
opal 2 800 White
diamond 2 4000 White
jetstone 2 850 Black
obsidian 2 200 Black
piece of worthless glass 3 0 Any

Sprites of Gems:

Rock 1

Tip: Gems are worth 1 gold unidentified, whereas worthless glass is worth 0 gold.

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