In Barony there are a variety of foods for the player to eat that stave off hunger allow health & mana regeneration, Food can be found on the ground, in chests, or even by killing animals such as rats but eating too much can be detrimental. The player can eat more rotten foods with a higher constitution. 

Types of food:

Name Wght Base Value
Bread 10 30
cream pie 10 10
cheese 5 5
apple 5 10
meat 10 30
fish 15 30
tin 30 40
    • Note: the tin requires the tool "tin opener" to eat. It might also cause your hands to become "slippery" and cause you to drop weapons & tools, wipe your hands off with a towel after consumption.

Food modifiers:

•Fresh: Food in perfect condition, does not have any side effects.

•Slightly Aged: Chance of vomiting and starvation between the Fresh and Aged modifiers.

•Aged: Small chance to cause vomiting and starvation.

•Mouldy(current in-game spelling): In between the aged and rotten modifiers, cheese is still (usually) safe to eat when it has this modifier.

•Rotten: On consumption causes vomiting and starvation.

Prevent this from happening to you! Stock up on rat meat early on.

Death by Starvation full

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