Below is a list of armor found in the game as of this edit.

Shields Edit

Shields equip off hand and provide a bonus to AC just for being equipped and +11 when actively blocking

Name Wght Base value AC mod
wooden shield 30 40g +1
bronze shield 40 40g +2
iron shield 40 80g +3
steel shield 50 100g +4
steel shield of magic resistance[1] 50 200g +4

[1]Untested effect magic resistance

Gloves and Gauntlets Edit

Name Wght Base value AC mod
leather gloves 15 40g +1
leather gloves of dexterity[1] 15 40g +1
steel gauntlets 30 80g +2
steel gauntlets of strength[2] 30 80g +2

[1]provides +1 to dexterity

[2]provides +1 to strength

Cloaks Edit

Name Wght Base Value AC mod
cloak 20 50g +0
cloak of magic reflection[1] 20 100g +0
cloak of invisibility[2] 20 200g +0
cloak of protection 20 100g +1

[1] Not perfect; fire balls still apply DOT for example

[2] Personal light sources, casting, bumping into or striking an enemy will alert enemies,.

Boots Edit

Name Wght Base Value AC mod
leather boots 30 60g +1
leather boots of speed[1] 30 100g +1
iron boots 40 80g +2
iron boots of water walking[2] 40 150g +2
steel boots 40 120g +3
steel boots of levitation[3] 40 200g +3
steel boots of feather[4] -40 200g +3

[1] Provides +1 to dexterity when equipped

[2] When you wear these water tiles acts like floor tiles.

[3] When you wear these you hover over floor, lava, water and pit tiles.

[4] The -40Wt. is applied even when not equipped.

Breastpiecess Edit

Name Wght Base Value AC mod
leather breastpiece 150 100g +2
iron breastpiece 300 150g +3
steel breastpiece 300 250g +4

Head Gear Edit

Name Wght Base Value AC mod
phrygian hat 10 50g +0
hood 10 50g +0
wizard hat [1] 10 80g +0
jester hat [2] 10 60g +0
leather helm 25 60g +1
iron helm 40 80g +2
steel helm 40 120g +3

[1] Provides +1 ITN

[2] Provides +1 CHA

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